5 iPhone Productivity Hacks You Really Need Now

Posted by Eric Lee on November 08, 2017

Your phone can be either a time sucking device or a productivity powerhouse, all depending on how you use it. Here are 5 iPhone hacks that can potentially save you hours on end with little to sacrifice.

Turn off all notifications and use Do Not Disturb mode

“A single interruption can cost you as much as 25 minutes of productivity.” Yup, that's right. That's how long it takes your brain to get back on track and fully refocus on what you're supposed to do. What's important is that you really don't need all these notifications. Your friend just posted on Instagram. So what? Does it make you happier or a better person to know this information immediately? There's no need to keep them on. Personally, I turn on Do Not Disturb when I'm getting work done. I catch up on my notifications only at certain times of the day (noon, dinner, etc.)

Clean homescreen and delete apps

This hack relies on the principle of increasing activation barrier of undesired behaviors. Tempted to go on Instagram all the time? Put it in a folder or delete it. The opposite works as well. You can put your productivity apps or note apps on your phone's first page so you can access them quickly. Bonus: Turn off all app badges (the little red circle showing a number on the corner of your app icons) and you'll find yourself less distracted without feeling like there's always something incomplete.

Add “Sent from my iPhone” signature to emails

How on earth does this make one more productive? By adding this line to your emails you're letting your recipients know that you're on the move and got little time to reply. This hack saves you time from replying to emails and won't make you seem rude.

Use Night Shift for better sleep

One of the three core productivity facets is energy (the other two is time and attention). Without adequate sleep, you won't be able to focus and do anything properly, let alone productively. Turning on Night Shift prevents blue light from overstimulating your brain when you're supposed to get ready to sleep. Take a look at my other post Hack Your Sleep Schedule To Save Precious Time for a massive tip on calibrating your sleep schedule.

Disconnect from time to time

Have you ever felt the freedom you gain from disconnecting from the internet? It'll feel boring at first but once you start freeing yourself from senseless browsing and people trying to reach you, you'll feel an incredible sense of peacefulness. Disconnecting yourself by turning on airplane mode, or turning off your phone, not only gets rid of unnecessary distractions but also gives you more "mind space" to generate new ideas, and that might just be what you need to level up your current self.

Give these hacks a try and let me know how well they work for you in the comments below!

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